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"The Atlas Clinic has been founded on the belief that the cornerstone of spinal health begins with restoring the position of a misaligned atlas bone, which is the first vertebra located immediately beneath the skull."

Matthew Voigts, with 25 years of clinical experience, is the only osteopath in the UK that practices the AtlasPROfilax┬« application.

The AtlasPROfilax application consists of a safe, strategic, non-chiropractic massage to the short muscles of the neck, to loosen the tension and allow the atlas to return to its normal position. A further appointment to assess the position of the atlas bone is essential.

The position of the atlas bone influences the alignment of the whole musculo-skeletal structure and can potentially be an irritation to the abundance of nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics in its vicinity. It is, therefore, not surprising that a plethora of symptoms can result when the atlas bone is misaligned. These symptoms are individual and dependent on compensatory mechanisms.


Once restoration of the atlas is accomplished dramatic changes can occur physically and emotionally. Our testimonial page gives examples of changes that have occurred with our patients.

'It has been observed that most humans have a misaligned atlas bone.There are various explanations for this misalignement. It may be an inherited defect or occur due to mechanical stress during birth. Some believe it may be due to physical trauma to this area of the neck during infancy when bony development has not fully taken place or there are more esoteric explanations.' says co-founder Laurence Edney

The Atlas Clinic aside from the AtlasPROfilax┬« application, offers a full range of treatments including Osteopathy, Scenar therapy and Acupuncture to assist your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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